A smile is unique, a smile is a part of face and personality. It is worth a lot and a smile can change the world. For a beautiful and brilliant smile, beautiful and brilliant teeth are needed. Ceramic inlays create that brilliant smile.

When are ceramic inlays used?


CERAMIC INLAYSNowadays, for the teeth damaged by caries or if they have a larger old filling, the best choice are ceramic inlays. Ceramic inlays are especially suitable for lateral teeth due to the durability of the material. With ceramic inlays teeth last longer.

Advantages of ceramic inlays

A special value and advantage in applying inlays is aesthetics. The main difference between fillings and inlays is the difference in material. Ceramics is much harder and more resistant than composite materials.

Also inlays are made outside a patient's mouth and therefore two visits to a dentist are enough. During the first visit, a tooth is prepared for an inlay and a mould is taken. A dental technician makes an inlay and in the second visit it is cemented and fit in patient’s mouth.

Depending on the surface of the tooth after the treatment of caries, the size of an inlay is determined. Therefore, there are two types of a tooth upgrade:


  • Inlays - which involve the maximum of two tooth surfaces and
  • Onlays - which involve three or more tooth surfaces.

The price of tooth upgrading is bigger than filling, but it is more permanent solution and aesthetically better. Inlays can be golden, ceramic, and composite.

Tooth repair is today an integral part of personal hygiene. Each individual from childhood is in charge of basic hygiene, and later takes responsibility of choosing a good dentist. It is best to start and keep on trusting your dentist, technician and a dental office. One such dental office is Dental Vortex. That is why, you should contact us to start a successful cooperation.