Metal-free crowns represent the best aesthetic solution, because they are the closest to the natural look of teeth. Made of high quality material, at affordable price, resistant and comfortable, metal-free crowns are the most needed teeth replacement.

When are metal-free crowns used?


METAL-FREE CROWNSMetal-free crowns are used when one or more teeth are missing. They are made of special zirconium, metal-free ceramics. Zirconium-dioxide and lithium-disilicate are the most up-to-date materials let light pass through as well as natural teeth, making them in appearance and quality the closest to natural teeth. This is why they are most often used to compensate for front teeth, although they can be used for the replacement of other teeth as well. Metal-free crowns are also extremely resistant to mechanical impacts, but also to chemical changes. Zirconium is normally used in space technology, which tells you enough how solid, high-quality and resistant it is.

Metal-free ceramics is currently the most demanding tooth replacement. Whether you need to replace only one tooth with a single metal-free crown or perhaps more teeth when making a metal-free bridge, metal-free ceramics is certainly the perfect solution that not only provides you with aesthetically natural appearance, but it is also of high quality, resistance and durability.

Metal-free crowns are an investment in the future that pays off in every way!

The procedure for metal-free crown placement

The process of installing a metal free crown is also very simple and it takes a few days to be performed. Firstly, teeth are drilled down for metal-free ceramics. Afterwards, bite registration is taken and after core and ceramics trial, cementing of crowns is done. A tooth is drilled down to about 2 mm. In the meantime, a patient wears a temporary crown. A metal-free crown is adapted to your wish and appearance, colour and shape of surrounding teeth. After cementing, it is not possible to see the difference between artificial teeth (metal-free crowns) and natural teeth.

Why choosing metal-free crowns

Metal-free crowns are much closer to the natural look of teeth than metalloceramic crowns. There is no doubt about it. Besides, metal-free crowns are also extremely strong, resistant and durable. And that is not all. The price of metal-free crowns is also very affordable. Because of all this, metal-free crowns are the most in demand. If you can choose, we recommend metal-free crowns, especially if you are replacing only a few teeth. The difference in price will not be so significant, but the appearance and quality of your new teeth will be incomparably greater.

Additionally, it is a great advantage to clean teeth and gums easily, since there is no gum irritation as it can happen with metalloceramic crowns. It is also far easier and faster to adjust to, and the comfort of wearing a metal-free crown is remarkable. Another advantage is that metal-free ceramics does not change colour.

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