The best dental services in Belgrade

This is a story about us, because Dental Vortex is just such a dental clinic in Serbia. We are a team that makes it one of the best Belgrade dental services!

When it is talked about dental clinic, Serbia is a place where you will definitely find many dental clinics with different services. However, not every dental clinic Serbia has over 2,000 satisfied customers and the creation of over 2,000 new smiles! Also, only the best dentist Belgrade Serbia can forever banish fear of the dentist, that almost everyone has, and you'll probably be surprised by the fact that when you choose the best dentist Serbia - you can even fall asleep in the dental chair!



Our dental clinic, Serbia is located in a cozy environment of Belgrade, which is a part of the community of Voždovac, in a very approachable location that you can find easily no matter which direction you are coming from. You can easily find an exclusion from the highway, at the same time our location has a good connection to the city center so it is very easy to reach wherever you want. If you are not from Belgrade we can offer you service like dental tourism Serbia. So if you are from other parts of Serbia or you come from the abroad we will be happy to meet your needs and to provide the best quality service in every way. That is why we are considered as one of the best dentist Belgrade, Serbia. Our team of 4 dentists (Belgrade, Serbia) with many years of experience will be at your service. We invite you to a FREE dental examination and consultation that will assure you that you chose the best dentist, Serbia - you will see!

A dental tourism, Serbia offers a lot of options, a variety of quality services and really affordable prices compared to the other European cities. Although we are aware of the fact that we are one of many dental clinics and dentists in Serbia, Belgrade has provided us with great opportunity for dental tourism Serbia. The assurance of quality and achieve satisfaction in the work is reflected in the fact that we have helped many people to gain a perfect smile and beautiful, shiny teeth! Within dental tourism Serbia services we can organize transport to/from the airport, the accommodation of your choice in hotels, apartments or hostels; as well as the introduction to the spirit of the city, culture and history through the visits of tourist attractions in Belgrade.

Some of our strengths are:


  • We have a highly skilled and professional team - a specialist in the field of oral hygiene; dentist Serbia who is a specialist in orthodontics; the dentist Belgrade, Serbia which is a specialist in oral medicine and periodontics, as well as the best dentist Serbia for general dentistry;
  • We follow world trends in dentistry - we offer innovative technology, we are equipped with the best and the most modern equipment, and in the work we use only materials of high quality;
  • We offer a wide range of services. There is almost no problem that we cannot solve when your teeth are concerned, because we work with specialists from various dental fields;
  • We care about you, we have a lot of patience and understanding to your fears and we try to make all interventions less stressful and more enjoyable;
  • When you become our patient, we will give you more information about importance of regular dental controls and you will be educated how to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Dental Vortex is a philosophy created and guided by the love for teeth in order to give you a desired smile. That’s why we are able to provide you the best dental services:


Our love for Belgrade dental services has been extended to treatments such as skin anti-aging treatment and hyaluronic fillers so that in one place you can get more than you expected. Serbia dental clinic and Dental Vortex are waiting for you!

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