Price list for Dental Vortex dental practice


Dental Vortex offers a wide range of dental services: basic and specialist examination, dental treatment, white fillings, tooth whitening, tooth repair, gingivectomy, frenectomy, calculus removal, prosthetics, as well as many services that include the latest generation dental laser in treatment and rehabilitation certain dental problems. Take a look at the prices of dental services.





Dental examination

0,00 rsd

Dental examination at weekends and public holidays

2.000,00 rsd

Dental first aid

1.500,00 rsd

Specialist examination

2.000,00 rsd





Local anesthesia

0,00 rsd

Class V composite filling

1.500,00 rsd

One-surface composite filling (with liner)

2.500,00 (3.000,00) rsd

Two-surfaces composite filling (with liner) 

3.000,00 (3.500,00) rsd

Three-surface composite fill (with liner)

3.500,00 (4.000,00) rsd

Treatment of deep caries

2.000,00 rsd

Vital and mortal amputation

2.000,00 rsd

Endodontic treatment of single-rooted tooth using laser therapy

3.500,00 rsd

Endodontic treatment of double-rooted tooth using laser therapy

4.500,00 rsd

Endodontic treatment of multi-rooted tooth using laser therapy

5.500,00 rsd

Gangrene Treatment (1 session)

1.500,00 rsd

Revision of endodontic treatment

3.600,00 rsd

Removing white spots on a tooth

4.000,00 rsd

Whitening avital tooth

6.500,00 rsd

At-home teeth whitening trays

15.000,00 rsd

Whitening in the dental office

25.000,00 rsd

Laser tooth whitening

28.000,00 rsd





Removal of soft deposits and instructions on proper hygiene

1.500,00 rsd

Fissure sealants

2.000,00 rsd

Teeth impregnation with fluoride

1.000,00 rsd

Baby tooth extraction

1.200,00 rsd

Complicated baby tooth extraction

3.000,00 rsd

Composite filling on a baby tooth